10 Top & Common Exercise for Height Increase

People generally wish to have attractive looks. In this case, height is supposed as the main issue which provides the most superiority. Height is such an issue that many people strive for. If you hope to be little taller but think to do nothing for this you may get nothing positive result. Height increase may be possible by taking few exercises that will reach you to the stars.


Let’s have a look on few exercises that are the responsible for your height increased.

  • Swimming

Swimming is such an exercise that needs plenty of power and reaching which are very effective for height increase. You may swim for a long time for better result.

  • Hanging Exercise

This exercise is very effective for increasing your height. One needs to hang down from a bar and let his body stretch. He can also try to hang with bring his legs up parallel to the ceiling to create stretch.

  •  Touch Toes

Touch toes is also a popular exercise which is taught in gym classes. You have to try to touch your toes by standing straight. But it should be mentioned that you should try your best as far as you can. Do never try over your ability. That may cause a fatal accident for your sound health.

  • Cobra Stretch

This exercise mainly deals with the stretching out spine and elongating the body. The more you can able to perform the more you may get result of increasing height. To perform this exercise, you have to lie on the face down and palm under your shoulder. Then, try to arch the back by offering your chain raised to form an angle.

  • The Table

You have to perform your body like the shape of a table for this exercise as it is effective for your height increasing. It is actually a very difficult stretch that works superbly for increasing height.

  • Jump Rope

Jump rope is very much familiar to the girls of school stages. But it is wrong to think that it is only school yard activity rather than a wonder exercise for stretching out the body, especially for the lower legs.

  • Two Legs Straight Up

It is an amusing but effective exercise for that you needs to lay flat on your back. You have to try to raise the legs straightly up. Do this continuously until your pelvis slightly lifts off the ground. As it is a difficult exercise, you have to have practice for several times.

  • Forward Spine Stretch

This exercise mainly treats with back and calves. Just sit on the floor with having your legs stretched. Then, make an utmost try to touch your toes reaching forward.

  • Cat and Dog

It is very interesting exercise that you have to perform like cat and dog, but actually show the ability to stretch the body. You have to walk using hand and fold legs like cat and dog. This may cause of your height increasing.

  • Super Stretch

It is very much easy but active stretch for increasing height and diminishing stress. You have to perform your hands upright and place those behind your head. Then move your head up or down slowly as far as you can. You have to perform all these position slowly and try to hold each position for a few seconds. This will help you to increase the height.

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